5 Tech Baubles Every Girl Wishes She Had

At Nordstrom Eaton Centre’s latest pop-up store “Get Wired” there are a bunch of tech baubles every girl wishes she had. Apart from some really weird gadgets, there are a few that sparked my interest and here they go in no particular order:


1. Philo Phone Covers

Philo Neon Phone Covers at Nordstrom Pop-up Get Wired
C$24 at Nordstrom or Urban Outfitters

These are definitely eye catching to say the least! On closer inspection, they live up to their trendy name. Philo is about fusing fashion and tech to create elegant and strong products. This neon collection ranging from iPhone 7 covers to USB wires to earphones all display an explosion of energetic colours. Some key features are the anti-scratch semi-transparent material to still showcase the beauty of your phone, includes 4 side protection, especially for the camera and the entire case, is ultra slim (only 0.3mm) so you can easily slide it into your back pocket. Too bad I have an iPhone 6.


2. iRoller

iRoller Touch Screen Cleaner at Nordstrom Get Wired Pop-up
C$40-42 at Nordstrom/Amazon

With everything being touch screen (including my laptop) lately, this is one bauble even I can’t stay away from. It claims to remove fingerprints, smudges and effectively sanitize touch screens. For $40 it’s reusable and portable. Simply rinse it with hot water and leave it to air dry. I’m intrigued, are you?


3. Chipolo Plus Bluetooth Tracker

Chipolo Plus Bluetooth Tracker at Nordstrom Get Wired Pop-up
C$30 at Nordstrom

Guilty of losing your keys, wallet, purse? We’ve all been in that situation. Enter Chipolo Plus – now you can track all your essentials with this tiny device. Sync it with your iOS or Android smartphone, attach it to the item you consistently lose and next time you can’t find your keys it will ping (with a very loud sound I might add). Now it says I can track my luggage which I’ve lost on more than one account – let’s see.


4. Leica Sofort

Leica Instant Print Cameras and Polaroids at Nordstrom Get Wired Pop-up
C$389 at Nordstrom

It’s funny how youngsters are raving about instant film cameras given they were born in the digital age. For me, these cameras are super special. They create an everlasting moment you can display unlike taking multiple photos that are tucked away in the depths of your phone. There are a variety of settings even one to take selfies and it comes in 3 awesome colours for fashion-conscious people. Bit out of my price range but less bulky looking than Polaroids.


5. Ringly Go Smart Bracelet

Ringly Go Smart Bracelets at Nordstorm Get Wired Pop-up
C$165 at Nordstrom

With Fitbit reigning in this department of wearable tech, Ringly has managed to create a design that’s beautiful for fashion lovers but still serves the purpose of tracking your activities and alleviating stress with guided meditation exercise. More on the design – it’s made with reconstituted stone and Italian leather so you can look super stylish when you work out. Which is why all girls own Lululemon tights, no?

There’s only a week left to visit this pop-up in Toronto. But you can easily find these baubles on Amazon or their respective websites. Have a great day shopping, while I enjoy what’s left of this long weekend.


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28 thoughts on “5 Tech Baubles Every Girl Wishes She Had

    1. I know, eh! I’ve been using my breath and a cloth to remove smudges from my screen. Glad this post was of help to you 🙂

  1. I was looking for gifts to give someone, and I got to the perfect post. Any man looking to gift a woman something should look for inspiration in this post.

  2. I’ve gotta start saving up for the Leica Sofort. I never get around to printing the photos off my phone. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great choices, I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to tech accessories (basically just an Otterbox and a USB on a key ring) but maybe I should up my game now

  4. Those Ringly watches are actually beautiful! I have been an avid fitbit fan for the last few years now but i wish I had come across something like this!

    1. So true. I’ve just assumed they only have rubber style ones in the market but I came across really pretty ones from Michael Kors as well.

    1. I hadn’t heard of these brands either but I knew other brands that created similar products. iRoller however, was a shocker!

    1. Me too! I see so many great phone covers but they are all for iPhone 7 now! First I’ll need to upgrade my phone 😛

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