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Mariam Jangda - About - Bauble StoriesHey Baubleheads!

My name is Mariam Jangda and I’m a 20-something hijabi living in Toronto. Thanks for stopping by and stay as long as you like 🙂

So, let’s be honest: I love accessories, and you probably do too if you’re here, right? Good!

My passion for all things fashion accessories began at a young age. Being the youngest of three children, I felt a sense of entitlement to my mom and sister’s things. Rummaging through vintage pieces and playing dress-up made me realize that accessories are the icing on an outfit. What you think are the right accessories can have such a positive outlook on how you feel in that moment. Don’t the right pair of heels make you feel like you can conquer the world? Why, yes!

You shouldn’t stress about what’s on trend or looks the best together, but be honest with yourself and have fun in the process of discovering your personal style. Taking myself into account, my style has changed and grown so much over the years. There was a time when I HAD TO match my purse to my shoes, but now I’ve learned the art of contrast. Major styles changes have depended on where I’ve been living and the company I have at a certain point in my life. Bauble Stories is meant to showcase those styles, influences from the market and to encourage women like you to take ownership of your personal style.

This blog will also be a creative outlet for DIY projects. I started a jewellery business in 2012 but after some unsuccessful feats, the project fell through. I’ve since picked myself up, learned about design elements and the stories behind accessories which I’d love to share with all you bauble enthusiasts.

I strongly believe in the motto of “in omnia paratus” – ready for anything; which coincidently comes from my favourite TV show Gilmore Girls. (Oy with the poodles already – give me a shoutout on Twitter!)

Stick around to catch glimpses of what I’m up to from walks around the city, finding knick-knacks in local markets and let’s not forget colourful accessories!

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