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How To Make A Dazzling Beaded Bracelet

How to DIY a dazzling beaded bracelet

This is one beaded bracelet that everyone will be asking you about! I’ve only worn it out twice and it has been all compliments and “OMG, you made that?!” Trust me, when I say it’s so easy. I only had to start over once because I hadn’t measured my wrist properly but I’m giving you the measurements so there shouldn’t be any problems 🙂


How to DIY a dazzling beaded bracelet - materials
  • Beads (I choose 2 different kinds)
  • Hemp cord (20 inches)
  • Large jump rings
  • Measuring tape


How to DIY a dazzling beaded bracelet - step 1

Measure and cut the hemp cord to 20 inches. String through a bead (grey) halfway and knot right after it. As you’ll notice there are two patterns within this design – that’s just my twist, you can keep it as one pattern.

To create the same look, separate the two hemp cords and string one bead through one cord. Now, string in the jump ring into both cords. Then, string in one bead through the other cord. Keep alternating the beads in the two cords. The first pattern goes as follows; metallic bead, jump ring, metallic bead, jump ring, grey bead and jump ring. For the second pattern, I’ve alternated to place 4 metallic beads for every grey bead. This gives the bracelet some unique details and adds shine.

How to DIY a dazzling beaded bracelet - step 2

From there, keep adding beads and jump rings. For a complete bracelet of 6.5 inches, I’ve included 5 sets of 4 metallic beads and 1 grey bead. As mentioned, the beginning and end include 2 metallic beads and 1 grey bead. The picture hopefully explains that better.

How to DIY a dazzling beaded bracelet completed

Make sure to tightly knot as closest to the last bead in the line. Estimate how much space you’ll need to leave to loop the very first bead knotted into the design. For this particular design, the gap is 0.55 inches. Leave that space and make another tight knot. Trim the excess hemp cord and your beaded bracelet is complete!

If you can master this, go ahead and try my other DIYs.

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