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DIY Hoop Plus Tassel Earrings for Uncreatives

Tassel earrings in bold and bright colours were all the rage in spring/summer and this trend is carrying forward into fall. To update the look for the new season, play around with jewel tones to add richness. If you’re new to the tassel trend don’t fret, fall is a great time to try out this boho trend whether with a fringe purse or these super fun tassel earrings.

Today I’m sharing how to make your own tassel earrings. They’re super easy so even you’re one of those people who isn’t good with their hands – lemme tell you, EVEN YOU CAN DO IT! When Zee saw me making this DIY, even he was like “Ya, I can do that!” (and he can’t put together simple IKEA furniture).

So, let’s dive in with what you’ll need for these awesomely on-trend hoop plus tassel earrings:

  • A pair of hoop earrings (you can even upcycle an old pair)
  • 2 different colours of embroidery thread
  • 4 beads to match the thread colours
  • Scissors
Tassel earring DIY materials
You can choose any colour embroidery thread and beads


Making a loop for tassel earrings diy

Wrap the purple thread over the width of your finger about 25 times. This gave me a smaller tassel but if you want longer tassels then wrap around two fingers. Same goes for the thickness, for a fuller tassel wrap more than 25 times. Carefully take it off your finger to keep the hole in the middle.


making a tassel for tassel earrings diy

String the purple thread loop into the opening of the hoop earring. Cut a small piece of the purple thread and use it to tightly knot the upper part of the threaded loop. Make sure the knot is as close as possible to the hoop earring. Keeping your scissors stiff cut the threaded loop from the opposite end. Make sure the strands are roughly the same length. This will give you one completed tassel.


making multiple tassels for diy earrings

String in one bead. Make another tassel just as the purple one created before. I made this one in pink but you can choose any colour.


diy tassel earrings tutorial

Now you have two completed tassels. Add another bead and make one more tassel in the same way. I alternated the colours but again it’s up to you. Once you’ve completed one tassel earring just make another one in the same way with the other hoop earring. And you’re done!

I made these earrings with 1.5 inch diameter hoops but you could create similar looks with smaller or bigger hoops. It’s also up to you to add more tassels or more beads. Be creative with this basic outline. If you choose to try this simple DIY, tag me @baublestories 🙂 I’d love to see what you guys make!

P.S. If you’re more of a bracelet person, I have an easy DIY for that too!


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