Completed DIY bracelet using turquoise beads and pearls

Glam up your Wrist with a DIY Bracelet

With Eid coming up I thought what better gift than to create a DIY bracelet. It’s thoughtful and customized for the person you’re making it for.

I had most of the supplies from previous projects but wanted some coloured beads for contrast. I came across some beautiful turquoise beads at a local craft market. When creating a bracelet or any jewellery piece I’m usually inspired by what I see in shops or online. I recently bought a BB Tressors bracelet and that’s where the idea to mix beads came from. I also attended a jewellery making workshop where I learned the impact of layering different size strands to create more texture to the final look.

Here’s how to create your own DIY bracelet

Materials you’ll need:

  • Fishing wire
  • Small sized pearls
  • Medium sized pearls
  • Turquoise beads
  • Chain
  • Head pin
  • Lobster clasp
  • Jump rings
  • Keyhole clasps
  • Needle nose pliers

These materials are all easily available on Amazon, Ali Express or at your local craft store.

Materials required for DIY Bracelet
It’s up to you to choose any colour beads and chains for your DIY bracelet 🙂

Securing beads and pearls on fishing wire for DIY bracelet

To start, make a loop with the fishing wire by having the pearl locked in the middle. Pull the fishing wire from both ends to secure the pearl. Trim excess wire from one side, leaving half a centimetre to attach the clasps later. Alternatively, string through beads and pearls to your desired length. Knot and secure with a pearl just as you did at the start. Trim the fishing wire, again leaving half a centimetre.

Measuring DIY Bracelet and Chain

Measure the circumference of your wrist (this design is for someone with a 6.5-inch wrist). Make sure the beaded line and the chain are the same lengths (in this case 6 inches, the remainder will be adjusted in the clasp) before trimming the chain.

Attaching clasps to DIY bracelete

Attach keyhole clasps to both ends of the beaded strand. Loop the chain and the beaded strand into a jump ring.

Pearl and beaded strand for DIY bracelet

Create another pearl and beaded strand, complete with keyhole clasps and the same length as the other strands. This time change the small pearls for medium size pearls to give your DIY bracelet some different weight for added interest.

3 stranded DIY bracelet in processLoop this new beaded strand into the jump ring with the other two strands and add another jump ring. Leave the big jump ring open to insert a charm.









Create a charm for your DIY Bracelet

Creating a beaded charm for DIY bracelet

Take a head pin and three beads (a medium pearl, oblong blue bead and small pearl are shown here). Insert the beads onto the head pin. Cut the head pin using pliers approximately 1.5 centimetres above the last bead. This will allow you enough room to bend and curl the head pin to form a loop. Tadaa! – you’ve made your own charm. Use your imagination here and create any charm of your liking using this same process.

Attaching charm and lobster clasp to DIY bracelet

Loop this charm in the jump ring you left open. Once inserted, close the jump ring. On the other end of your bracelet, attach a lobster clasp and you’re done!

You should be very happy with whatever bracelet you create. This entire process is customizable to your style so have fun with it and share your DIY bracelets using the hashtag #DIYBaubleBracelet. Good luck!


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