3 Ways To Style Sheer Socks

Sheer Socks Trend with Heels Pose - Bauble Stories

Even though it’s officially Spring, Canadians can’t seem to shake off the cold winter winds. For the rest of you who are enjoying the warmer weather, take advantage of the fun trends and blooming prints that spring has to offer. I mentioned the sheer socks trend in my Spring 2018 Fashion Trends so I thought I’d show some options of how to style that trend.

Sheer socks aren’t the norm but I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and have fun with your style. All the socks shown were purchased from Uniqlo, however, I’m seeing them pop up all over the high street and even through Amazon.

Sheer Socks And Boots

Sheer Socks Trend with Boots - Bauble Stories

Spring weather can be chilly at times so don’t put away your boots just yet. Pair your ankle booties with matching or contrasting sheer socks. I like it best when only a little bit of the sock shows above the boot. It’s also great for boots with minimal design to add a bit of detail.

Sheer Socks And Sneakers

I’m sure everyone has a pair of sneakers they reach for every day or on weekends. Why not put a cool spin on your everyday sneakers by pairing them with sheer socks. Patterned socks are also a great way to inject some personality into your style. It’s also an affordable way to change up your street style without breaking the bank for another pair of shoes.

Sheer Socks And Heels

Sheer Socks Trend with Heels at Coffee Shop - Bauble Stories

This would the boldest of the three styles, but the socks and heels trend was seen all across runway shows. If you’re not ready to commit to open-toe heels and socks, definitely give socks and pumps a try. Remember to balance your outfit. If you opt for statement socks and shoes, keep the rest the look simple. When wearing more colourful outfits, keep the socks and shoes neutral.

Sheer Socks Trend with Heels Coffee Shop - Bauble Stories

This adventurous combo might be a bit much for the office, but keep the socks handy for when you’re meeting the girlfriends after work. Guaranteed, you’ll make heads turn.

That’s my take on the sheer socks trend. Which style is your favourite?

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