Gold jewelry pieces with watch Canada

Baubles that Elevated my Eid ul Azha Outfits

Time flies – I’m already a month into launching this blog (yay!) and Eid ul Azha just ended too.

White top with pink hijab in downtown Toronto

What is Eid ul Azha?

It is quite literally “the feast of the sacrifice.” What you mostly hear about is the sacrifice of animals, but it’s more than that. The religious significance is summed up with how much we are willing to give up for God. In reference, Prophet Ibrahim, upon the wishes of God, sacrificed his son because He knows what is best for us, is often difficult. Today we can’t give up something small like profanity but he was able to give up his son. (Prophet Ibrahim’s son Prophet Ishmael was not actually killed. As the blade touched his neck God replaced him with a sheep). As a reminder, Muslims all over the world take part in this ritual to place their trust in God. Moreover, the meat from the sacrifice symbolizes charitable givings for those who can afford it. The meat is divided into three portions – one for the immediate family/relatives, one for friends and neighbours and one for the poor.

The festival of Eid begins on the 10th day of Dhul Hijjah (the 12th month of the Islamic calendar) and ends on the 13th. To celebrate the event Muslims gather for congregational prayers in the morning and perform the sacrificial ritual after. The holiday is a chance to show kindness to our families and neighbours and display empathy and compassion towards the needy. Above all, Eid-ul-Adha reminds us that God is great and He is the source of all bounties.

What I Wore on Eid

Technically it was still summer last week so each of these outfits is super bright.

Day 1

Flatlay of orange dress, white sneakers, denim jacket Canada

You may have seen this colourful dress in an earlier post. This straight dress is made fun with bold stripes – as seen on fashion runways for summer 2017. I paired it with my white sneakers from the Keds x Kate Spade collection. They add a dash of glamour with a dose of sporty. I kept the jewelry simple with a few gold pieces. I wore this outfit for prayers, lunch and in the evening with a jean jacket.

Day 2

Pink top with gold details at Distillery District Toronto

Since Saturday was a bit humid and my day consisted of checking out Artfest, I preferred something a little loose fitted. Here’s another bright outfit but played down with a navy scarf. To cut the brightness of this oversized top, I wore this stunning lace detailed necklace from This Ilk and some standard gold baubles on my arms.

Day 3

Charles and Keith shoes pink at Sud Forno

Zee and I had a yummy brunch date at Sud Forno, so I decided to wear something classy but still comfy. I planned my outfit around these gorgeous light pink Charles and Keith pumps. The silk fabric and pointy toes make them very inappropriate for Toronto weather and streets, but this day was an exception.
White top with pink hijab and gold accessories in Toronto

To dress up the upper portion of this plain top/dress I wore this statement necklace from Prerto detailed with Swarovski crystals and a baroque pearl. These taupe sunnies take up half my face but they are brilliant at shielding my eyes. Bear in mind this is a lot of colours – hot pink, gold, turquoise, white, blue and light pink, but the base is neutral so the pieces work well together. What do you think?

I didn’t wear anything traditionally Pakistani this Eid but nonetheless, I dressed up and enjoyed doing so  🙂 Share your Eid ul Azha looks using the hashtag #EidBaubles.


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