Jaybird X3 earbuds close up

The Problem Solving Headphones

I don’t consider myself as someone who is overly active. However, when I go to the gym or take walks around the city, I like to listen to music on Bluetooth headphones. Now that’s probably really odd when you’re not engaging in heart-pumping workouts but trust me I’ve got my reasons.

What I find with standard headphones is that they keep falling out of my ears. I’ve tried different ear pieces but nothing stays put. Especially if I’m eating and binging on Netflix simultaneously and one ear piece falls into the pasta – gross, I know.

So, last month I decided to invest in a pair of good quality, stay-in-ability (if that’s a word) Jaybird X3 earbuds. Now I know what you’re thinking why buy sports headphones over $100 when I go to the gym once a week? When you’re like me and wear a hijab, the struggle to insert headphones and get them to stay put is real! With these, I can loop them over my ear or under, adjust the neck strap, pop on my hijab and voila! – No constantly touching them or having them fall into my food or worse have the wires poking out the front of my hijab.

When I’m out walking or shopping, like any sane person I like to carry a cross-body bag. Regular headphone wires get tangled with the bag’s strap as I carry a mountain of clothes into the trial room – oh, the struggles I face.


Girl walking on the street
See – no visible wires 🙂

Which is why I settled for these awesome headphones – no dangling wires, Bluetooth connectivity to my phone (that is safely tucked inside my cross-body) and no hassle of the ear piece falling out. How’s that possible? Well as the brand name suggests – each headphone comes with three sizes of fins for the ear piece. The medium fin easily clips on the ear piece and folds into the top part of my ear. So I can carry on with the rest of my day.


Another great benefit of these headphones and the brand, in general, is connecting the headphones to the Jaybird MySound App. From my phone, I can customize the EQ settings to add more bass or tighter treble. I can save these changes directly onto my headphones so if I pair the headphones with someone else’s music library I still have my sound profile. Also, the sound quality is excellent when pumping myself for an extra five minutes on the Stairmaster.

8 hours of battery life makes the Jaybird X3 headphones the one thing I can’t leave the house without. Do you feel the same way? Lemme know in the comments below. I’ve also got 5 other really cool tech baubles you’ll want to check out!


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