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It’s Going to be my Year – Goals for 2018

The coming of the new year gives you the chance to reflect and plan for the next year. It’s the perfect time to start something new or re-enforce your existing goals. There are a number of things I hope to accomplish this year in regards to this blog and my life. Every year I think about goals but never write them down to actively work towards achieving them. For 2018, I bought a pretty journal to document and track everything. Even if I don’t reach my goals, I’ll have proof I did my best. So here are some of my major goals for 2018.

2018 goal journal

  1. Stick to my workout plan

If you know me well, you know I do not work out. Alhumdulillah I’ve been blessed with a kickass metabolism rate so I hardly put on weight. However, I wouldn’t consider myself fit or strong. This year I would like to build strength and tone my body. To help me, I downloaded the Seven app. This 7 minute HIIT sets me up for a more rigorous workout at the gym. I started my workout plan over a week ago and I’ve stuck with it so far. Yay me!

  1. Grow my blog subscriber base

Bauble Stories started as a creative outlet to take photos and write about things that interested me. Every blog post published since then has given me immense joy and every comment/ acknowledgment from you guys makes me super happy. I would like to take this blog to the next level but sharing my excitement with people who are interested in fashion accessories, DIY projects and cool events. If that’s you, subscribe to the monthly magazine called Bauble Bite. The best part – you automatically get entered to win a handmade bauble!

  1. Experiment with different content

I felt my November and December posts were mainly focused on markets and events I had gone to. For the upcoming months, I want to focus more on DIY projects and a new segment called Artist Spotlight. This segment will focus on compelling interviews with crafters. I’m super excited to share the first one next week!

  1. Educate the mind

There was a time when I used to read a lot of books. However, in the last year, I only managed to complete 10 books. So this year I’m setting a target of 15 books. First off is The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. Don, the main character is super sarcastic – just like me, so it’s fitting. Any fiction novel suggestions in the comedy or mystery genre? I also want to include more intellectual podcasts and religious sermons into the mix.

  1. Majorly de-clutter my life

Living in a small condo is really cramping my style. As of late, I’ve been stuffing my closet with new purchases or gifts and when I really need something it’s a hassle to get. Solution. Get rid of anything I haven’t used in the last 6 months. I’ve started putting a few items on Bunz but I need to organize and photograph a bunch of other things. Without this, my mind will not be at peace. If my trash can be your treasure then find ‘mariamj’ on Bunz.

Hot chocolate on a cold day

What are your goals for 2018? Big or small let this be your year!


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