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Birthday No. 28 + 2017 Reflection

I celebrated my 28th birthday this month. As I get older, birthday’s really freak me out. Usually, a month before I’ll start panicking about not being able to accomplish everything I set out to do. However, this year was different. I was prepared and actually excited for the day. So much so, that I majorly splurged on a pair of sneakers well before my birthday 😛

Birthday present - Blue sneakers by Ron White
Sneakers by Ron White via Nordstrom (similar ones linked)

This year I figured out what career path I want to take. I moved to Canada in the middle of 2016 and spent most of my time just adjusting and exploring my surroundings. In some ways, I did learn a lot about the area and the people but no so much about what my next steps were. So when 2017 rolled around, I decided to take the bulls by the horn and find out what I wanted to do. I did my research and enrolled myself in a diploma program that would get me there.

Birthday present - Flatlay of a scarf, necklace and flowers
Polka dot scarf by Printed Village and necklace by Foxy Originals

The program led to an internship and now I feel so much more confident to apply for full-time jobs. Each role coupled with my previous job experience taught me even more about my area of interest – social media marketing.

Birthday present - Flatlay of a coffee table book, choker and earrings
Jewellery by Foxy Originals

Earning my diploma in Digital Marketing really pushed me to start this blog. It was always something I wanted to do but never knew where to start and how to take it forward. Support and encouragement from my teachers, friends and fellow bloggers have made me so proud of this project. 5 months down the line, I’ve met amazing crafters, been able to share my take on fashion accessories and show the world amazing stories from Canada.

Birthday present - Pink bath from Lush Sex Bomb
Sex Bomb bath bomb by Lush

The actual birthday day was made super special thanks to Zee. He managed to truly surprise me and for that I’m grateful. To celebrate the day with my Instagram fans, I held a successful giveaway with Fredrick Prince Artisan Jewellery. If you didn’t realize, the photos are some of the gifts I received.

2017 brought a lot of laughs (Alhumdulilah), some tears and some friggin’ fantastic moments. Thank you to everyone who was a part of it ♥

P.S. My next post is about my goals for 2018. Keep a lookout 🙂


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