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Four Canadian Women Celebrate 20+ Years as an Inclusive Beauty Brand

Basic Beauty Products from Vasanti Cosmetics

Meet four amazing entrepreneurs each bringing unique skills to create a successful and inclusive beauty brand Vasanti Cosmetics.

Pinki Gosal

The product development genius who creates every makeup and skincare item

Her favourite Vasanti product: Liquid V02 Orange colour correcting concealer (the most popular product)

Monal Patel

The business and finance whiz who makes sure the operations side of the business is under control

Her favourite Vasanti product: Brighten Up! Exfoliator

Priti Patel

The marketing and graphics guru who makes all the products look fabulous

Her favourite Vasanti product: Brighten Up! Glow Boosting Serum

Gargi Patel

The people person, heading up sales and working on makeup application

Her favourite Vasanti product: Eyewonder Eye Cream

Not only are these women business partners they’re also sisters. As someone who has one sister, I know how challenging it can be to work together especially if you have strong personalities. How the Vasanti women make it work is by establishing their roles clearly. Each can provide advice on matters but the end decision lies with the head. This way the interests of the business are always at the forefront and the sister’s bond is closer than ever.

How This Inclusive Beauty Brand Started

Picture yourself starting your first real job – you’re dressed to perfection. You know your shit but you’re still nervous about what others will think. That’s exactly what Pinki, at 23, faced as she started working for a luxury makeup and skincare brand and got called out by her boss for needing concealer to cover her dark circles. She didn’t even realize she had dark circles! Obsessed with the criticism she received, she worked to find a solution.

Liquid V02 Orange Colour Corrector How to apply Colour Corrector

“Why wasn’t there any makeup that looked good on me? I’ve always thought that cosmetics should make women feel beautiful, confident and comfortable—and the limited options available made me feel the opposite.” – Pinki Patel

Scouring the market for concealers and colour correctors, Pinki found nothing that would solve her problem. She didn’t give up but persisted on by working with cosmetic chemists to understand different ingredients and their effects on skin. This firsthand experience helped to develop the holy grail product called Liquid V02 – an innovative solution for dark circles. This peachy colour corrector works on a number of skin tones to cancel out darkness and brighten skin.

The Power Of Liquid V02

I don’t fall for gimmicky products but this is one colour corrector that really works. I wouldn’t consider myself as having visible dark circles but after using this product just once, I’ve seen a massive improvement in my overall makeup. Just using concealer leaves grey shadows under my eyes. What I’ve learned to cancel out bluish tones under my eyes before applying concealer. The lightweight formula of Liquid V02 blends easily into my skin with the help of the uniquely angled Liquid V02 Stubby Brush.

Liquid V02 Colour Corrector Vasanti Cosmetics

I’ve only recently started using the colour corrector but there’s a reason its formulation hasn’t changed in 18 years. It’s a holy grail product for everyday makeup, for brides and everything in between.

Watch this short video on how to use colour correctors like Liquid V02. See the results of one of the best concealers for dark circles. I’m also sharing some of my favourite products in the line to create a simple everyday makeup look.

Makeup For Everyone

Even though the founders of Vasanti Cosmetics are brown-skinned women, the makeup caters to people with light, medium and dark skin tones. For instance, there are 11 concealer/foundation shades to choose from. Here is where they show you how to use the products on different skin tones for optimal results.

Inclusive Beauty Brand Vasanti Cosmetics Makeup Application

There have been plenty of times when I hit the drugstore in search of a new foundation only to find really light or really dark shades. There are very limited brands offering South Asian concealer or foundation shades that work for me and are budget-friendly. Since receiving Liquid Cover Up Foundation and Concealer in the shade V3, I feel confident in my appearance knowing I’m wearing the right shade. 

The Brighten Up! Exfoliator and Glow Boosting Serum are also amazing products that will continue in their original formulation because they work for all skin tones and skin types.

Vasanti Cosmetics also offers a concealer and corrector duo called Wonders of the World in cream formulas. They offer correctors in amber, yellow and orange with complimenting concealers to suit a number of different skin undertones.

Inclusive Beauty Brand Vasanti Cosmetics How to Apply Colour Corrector

One of the brand values that I’m most excited about is that all their products are vegan, except for one (which by next year will also be vegan). They are also a cruelty-free brand. These factors are becoming increasingly important in the coming years as people are more conscious about what they put in their body and the treatment of animals. Being a Muslim, these two factors are very important for me to live a halal lifestyle.

The fact that their products are made in Canada is an added bonus. Find out why I support local.

New Vasanti Products

You’ll read it here first; there are a host of new products launching this year and next year. First up is the Brighten Up! Miracle Mask. A 5-in-1 mask infused with five miraculous ingredients for the skin, like charcoal, kaolin, and turmeric. I’m super excited for this launch – nothing like baths and masks to pamper yourself. The Brighten Up! Hand Cream is also coming just in time for Canadian winters. Both these products like the other Brighten Up! products will be very hydrating.

For colour lovers like myself, Vasanti Cosmetics is launching their first eyeshadow palette featuring matte and shimmer shades. This Kajal x Kolours eyeshadow palette will work to complement their bestselling Kajal waterline eyeliners. Get ready to step up your holiday looks.

With the success of their skincare products, the women are also expanding to include problem-specific formulations. Look out – this beauty brand may just turn into your one-stop shop!

Stay up to date on these new launches by visiting their website or following on Instagram @vasanticosmetics. For my Canadian beauties, you can find Vasanti products at select Shoppers Drug Mart locations.

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Vasanti Cosmetics An Inclusive Beauty Brand

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Vasanti Cosmetics. All opinions are my own.


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