4 Hydrating Masks For All Skin Types

Natural Hydrating Masks

As someone who is not a fan of clay masks and drying out my skin even more during the winter, I turn to hydrating masks. They provide much-needed moisture, reduce the appearance of fine lines and help in healing blemishes to give your skin youthful radiance.

Four hydrating masks I have found that work wonders for my skin and don’t break the bank are each unique in their properties and texture. They are also all-natural, vegan, Canadian-made and formulated by women! Keep on reading to find the one that’s most suitable for you.

1. Evio Beauty Rejuvenating Mask

testing evio beauty hydrating masks

Evio is the brand you want to support regardless of their products. The founder Brandi and her team is always striving to do good in world “even when no one’s watching”, which includes their 20,000 acts of kindness goal for 2020. Read their story here but in terms of products, the mask is one of my favourites. The colour alone sold me but the texture is so unique. It feels soft and kind of like a glaze for your skin. It immediately hugs your parched skin and smoothes all the texture.

Tip: Try it with the Evio Pore-fect Primer for the most glowy no-makeup face.
Testing Evio Beauty Hydrating Masks

The Rejuvenating Mask comes in a squeezy tube for less mess and cleaner application. Use my discount code MARIAM50 until December 13th for 50% off your order!

2. Vo Beauty Sleeping Beauty Mask

Vo Beauty Sleeping Mask

If you’re looking for more of an instant fix and you have oily skin, then the Vo Beauty Sleeping Beauty mask might be the best. This has a jelly consistency because it’s made largely from royal jelly and aloe vera. It immediately gives your skin a cooling feeling but also makes the skin plump.

Diana, the formulator and founder of Vo Beauty, carefully creates each product with the customer in mind. She aims to streamline your routine with products that are multi-functional, gentle and nourishing for acne-prone and sensitive skin.

Even though it’s mainly intended as an overnight mask, I use it during the day as well under my moisturizer and even as a primer before applying makeup.

3. Harlow Fruit of the Earth Facial Mask

fruit of the earth face mask harlow

I had initially purchased this to soothe redness on my cheeks and chin because it contains green tea and cucumber. On application, I’ve found it to do so much more. Because of the use of honeysuckle in this facial mask, you immediately feel a warming sensation which feels amazing and provides intense moisture. The inclusion of cucumber adds hydration and a number of antioxidants that your skin craves to prevent inflammation.

While this looks the scariest of the masks (think Carrie only brown), it provides overall deep hydration that I enjoy in the days that follow as well. Don’t be alarmed the honeysuckle is very easy to wash off just by rinsing with water.

4. Homemade Oat Mask

Dry oats in palm

Definitely, the most budget-friendly and easily accessible is this simple homemade oat mask. It only requires two ingredients but you could customize and include others like turmeric, honey or smashed avocados.

I find this mask to immediately brighten my skin as well as hydrate. If you have a special event coming up, this is a great mask to enjoy before you get dressed up for smoother, healthier skin. Learn how to make it in my post called Oats: The Superfood Your Face Is Craving.

With any new skincare product, do a patch test to make sure you’re not allergic to any ingredients. Also allow your body time to accept and love these hydrating masks. Sometimes you don’t see the effects until a whole month after. Be consistent with your routine and reap the rewards.

Happy masking, you beauty!

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Natural Hydrating Masks For All Skin Types

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