Canadian Brand Directory

I love it when you ask me for advice on the best Canadian-made jewelry brands or vegan lipsticks or whether you should purchase a particular item. That rush to find the perfect suggestion gets me excited. Hence, this Canadian brand directory is my holy grail for all my favourite Canadian small businesses made here or sustainably made around the world. The brands listed below have made the list because I regularly shop from them or their values and aesthetics align with my style.

This will be an ongoing Canadian brand directory with new additions upon discovery. Feel free to comment below with any suggestions of brands you think should be included.


𝕓 Black-owned business

π•š Indigenous-owned business

𝕔 Business owned by people of colour

β™₯ Made in Canada


LEZÉ The Label
Ellie Mae
A Bronze Age

Everyday Basics & Essentials

  1. Daub and Design | β™₯ | Activewear that might just make me work out. Check out their hand-dyed leggings, especially tie-dye ones!
  2. Encircled | β™₯ | Offering seasonless designs so you get the most wear out of each ethical piece in your closet. The Chrysalis Cardi can be worn 8 ways! Certified B Corp.
  3. FRANC | β™₯ | Quality sustainable basics that are great for building a capsule wardrobe and moving away from fast fashion. Certified B Corp. Use code* BAUBLESTORIES for 10% off!
  4. Knix | An underwear brand making women feel unapologetically free. The Evolution Bra (wireless) and leakproof underwear are game-changers in comfort and freedom.
  5. Kotn | Using authentic Egyptian cotton grown in the Nile Delta to revive work for local farmers and weavers as large corporations opt to use cheaper materials. The cotton is then cut and sewn in Alexandria under fair practices. Making beautiful breathable clothing pieces you can live in. Certified B Corp.
  6. Power Of My People | β™₯ | Exquisitely hand-cut and stitched classic shirts and pants that will be forever in your closet.
  7. SLT Studio | β™₯ | I can’t rave enough about the quality of their fabrics. They are committed to offering a range of clothing and accessories that are timeless and practical. With an emphasis on clean lines and attention to detail. Everything is ethically produced in Montreal.
  8. The Good Tee | 𝕔 | Certified fair trade basics (with some flair) for the whole family. Find your new favourite and long-lasting organic cotton tee here!
  9. Uncle Studios | β™₯ | Logo basics, ethically made. I love their comfy sweatshirts.

Smart Casual

  1. Anne Mulaire | π•š β™₯ | A French-Metis eco-designer who creates wearable clothing pieces that include accents of her heritage usually on jacket lapels or sleeves. ⁠
  2. Daily Story | β™₯ | Comfortable, casual and affordable clothing that allows women to have fun with their style. Made in Montreal.
  3. Ellie Mae | β™₯ | Small batch 80’s inspired silhouettes with every item being thoughtful, unique and as eco-conscious as possible. In addition, each piece has a sewn-in reference number that lets you know which one-of-the-few you’re getting! I absolutely love her outerwear pieces.
  4. LEZE The Label | 𝕔 | Recycled workwear that feels like pajamas. Made from plastic bottles and coffee.
  5. Frank and Oak | + Accessories | Elevated basics that are sustainably designed in Montreal. I have a pair of their soft woven pants that get me through Canadian winter and still look fabulous. Certified B Corp.
  6. Kania | 𝕓 β™₯ |Sweatshirts of all kinds that can take you from the gym to a meeting, using high-quality cotton, lycra and bamboo.
  7. Korinne Vader | β™₯ | Small batch clothing that’s mainly 100% linen in neutral shades. Each piece is cut and sewn in Vancouver. This small but mighty team of 3 is always giving back in some way to the community.
  8. Mas Montreal | 𝕓 β™₯ | McKenna Bisson started her line of everyday essentials when she realized there was nothing in the market for people who matched her athletic build.
  9. Pradegal | 𝕔 β™₯ | What was once a fast-fashion brand, completely changed its values to create lasting pieces that are minimally designed and easy to incorporate into your look.
  10. Oak and Fort | + Accessories + Beauty + Home | 𝕔 | Versatile and functional clothing in a neutral colour palette. Think box cuts and wide pants.

Colours & Prints

  1. A Bronze Age | + Accessories | β™₯ | A contemporary clothing & accessories label redefining timeless silhouettes for a modern lifestyle. Their croissant bags are so fun!
  2. Amshina | 𝕓 β™₯ | Utamika has designed a vibrant collection of clothing and accessories that are an expression of her black heritage and remind you to have fun with fashion.
  3. Batik Boutik | 𝕓 | A creative project by Maya Amoah to celebrate African flair using sustainable practices in Ghana. I love her lively prints that would be a fabulous addition to bright solids.
  4. Eliza Faulkner | β™₯ | Wonderfully whimsical clothing with fun details that will make you feel so happy! Everything is made in Montreal.
  5. Eve Gravel | β™₯ | Features basic shapes in fun patterns and solid colours with unique details. Each piece is made in Montreal.
  6. Faun | 𝕔 | Whimsical and playful clothing, designed in Alberta and seen in the pages of Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar. If you like colour, pattern and texture like I do, you’ll love all of their pieces.
  7. Kejeo Designs | 𝕓 | Bold prints can be intimidating but mix them with neutrals for a powerful look that makes you feel confident. Kejeo offers the right mix of vibrant African prints in western styles.
  8. Kwesiya | + Accessories + Home | 𝕓 |  Connecting cultures, mixing materials, concepts and representations from West African Heritage to other parts of the world. Elevated styles that you can wear to the office and beyond.
  9. Legin Knits | + Accessories | 𝕓 β™₯ | Crochet artist you can commission to turn any ordinary piece of clothing into a treasured item, from jackets to hats to shoes. Heck, he taught me how to crochet in a live workshop!
  10. Noize | Cruelty-free, affordable outerwear in bright colours and unique styles. Their “down feather” is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles!
  11. The Kimono Store | 𝕔 | Short and long flowy capes/kimonos to elevate your everyday jeans and tee. I personally love and wear their floral variety.
  12. Thief and Bandit | β™₯ | Their designs are instantly recognizable as being fierce and wild-spirited. Jackets, turtlenecks, bodysuits, pants everything is hand-printed with their own foliage designs.
  13. Tilda Kimono | 𝕓 β™₯ | Kimonos and co-ord sets featuring vibrant colours and patterns. Her customers rave about the quality of her sold-out collections!
  14. TKC Design Inc. | 𝕔 | Modern cuts with an Indian textural flair. Think Indian wedding but totally appropriate for day time.


  1. Brunette the Label | Owning the trademark for hair colours on clothing, this is one sweatshirt company that is on a mission to inspire and elevate all babes.
  2. OKAYOK | β™₯ | My shades of pink graphic tee is probably my most worn item of clothing. You must check out Adrienne’s other sustainably made causal sweats and tees.
  3. She Native | + Accessories | π•š β™₯ | Clothing with powerful statements to uplift Indigenous women and girls.
  4. Simple Girl | β™₯ | Cozy tees and sweatshirts for women who want to be carefree and live life to the fullest. Their clothing is hand-printed with cute sayings.
  5. Take Up Space | 𝕓 | A socially conscious and sustainable lifestyle brand providing a space for WOC to share their experiences and stories. Literally taking up space that is otherwise not given. Each piece is made with GOTS certified organic cotton.


  1. Hilary Macmillian | β™₯ | Contemporary, cruelty-free and size-inclusive luxury designer. Keep a lookout for their sample sales to score amazing deals!
  2. Marigold | β™₯ | Want to stand out from the crowd? These ethical clothing pieces in vibrant colors and feminine shapes will allow you to look your best. Think added pleats on a classic button-down and waist-defining dresses.
  3. Valerie Dumaine | β™₯ | Bold garments that are characterized by clean and elegant lines. All clothing is vegan. I have my eye on the Ori top.

Thrifted & Vintage

  1. Binteji | 𝕓 | Instagram thrift shop with unique eclectic pieces in bold colours.
  2. Chosen Vintage | + Accessories + Home | Online and IRL store for amazing vintage finds every day.
  3. Double Take | + Accessories | Your one-stop shop for pre-loved, vintage, upcycled clothing & dΓ©cor! They also have a physical store and take donations!
  4. Niche Vintage | A curated selection of drops *every* Friday on Instagram. Make sure to turn on notifications for these sweet finds from Quebec.
  5. Odd Thing | Curated vintage Instagram shop. Turn on post notifications. Pieces sell out fast.
  6. VSP Consignment | + Accessories + Jewelry | A treasure trove of current and vintage designer pieces. Shop in store or online.
  7. Weft and Whorl | A curated preloved fashion store and the most unique paintings I’ve seen, created by Kaitlyn Fortier.


Hello Darling


  1. ai | 𝕔 | Classic and trendy vegan leather bags made in Seoul, South Korea. My favourite is the faux mini croc in navy.
  2. Bookhou | 𝕔 β™₯ | For crafters, this store is a dream. Think natural materials incorporated into bags, patchworked quilts, punch needling on wall hangings, dyed textiles and screen printing by hand.
  3. Bouswari | 𝕓 | Diarra Bousso Niang works with artisans in Senegal to create bags that are reminiscent of their culture and style. I especially love the Nafa belt bag carried by women to hold pipes and tobacco but also part of their traditional clothing. 
  4. Ela | + Jewelry | Expect to find vegan and cruelty-free bags that are trendy and practical.
  5. Eleven Thirty | β™₯ | I love the unique shape of these handmade leather bags. Particularly the Anni Mini which comes in a number of styles – plain leather, leopard print, woven leather and hide, plus tons of colours.
  6. Fitzy | β™₯ | The perfect handmade leather bags if you’re going to be outside or traveling. Think practical backpacks and larger totes.
  7. Flechr | β™₯ | Kimberly makes bags to last a lifetime and then some. Each piece is made from high-quality leather with details for practicality.
  8. Fortrollad | 𝕓 β™₯ | Karin creates each beautiful bag from ethically sourced pieces that are a by-product of the meat industry, not the other way around. Each scrap is utilized in some way whether to make bracelets, keychains or card cases. The Thorne Hobo Tote is one of those bags you will have for a lifetime.
  9. Grace Design | β™₯ | Alison’s bohemian style bags are pieces threaded with tradition from her travels around the world. She scours fabrics from Marrakesh, Jaipur, Kyoto and other rich historical places that are then handmade in her studio in Vancouver. My Brooklyn Carry-All was my first Canadian-made purchase.
  10. OPELLE Inc. | β™₯ | Definitely an investment purchase, these bags are handcrafted from buttery soft Italian leather. Each creation embodies the OPELLE values of “classic designs over trends, quality over mass production and the belief that inspired fashion can be produced at home, ethically, artfully and without compromise.”
  11. Partoem | β™₯ | You know when you see something that’s just so stunning you have to have it. These origami-style bags are at the top of my must-have list.
  12. Samara | 𝕔 | Luxury vegan fashion that exudes simplicity and elegance. Vegan leather comes in many forms, Salima hopes to move entirely to plant-based materials. For now, they have the Apple Leather Mini made in part by discarded apple skins from the juicing industry.
  13. Sapling and Flint | + Jewelry | π•š β™₯ | TeyotsihstokwΓ‘the Dakota Brant and YonenyΓ :kenht Jesse Brant of the Mohawk Turtle clan started creating conversational accessories and jewelry pieces to highlight Indigenous youth in the 21st century. Their multi-purpose pouches are beautiful in design. ⁠
  14. Uppdoo | 𝕔 β™₯ | Structured and well-priced handmade leather bags with an Asian flair. Ricky has done wonders to create the doctor satchel know as the Wonder bags – my most prized possession!


  1. Cougar | β™₯ | Stylish shoes for the whole family for all of Canada’s seasons.
  2. Dr. Liza | 𝕓 | The only high heels (dubbed sneaker pumps) you can wear for 12 hours straight. Designed in Canada by an orthopedic doctor and crafted using buttery leather in Brazil. They incorporate an orthotic insole, shock-absorbing platform and other neat features that have celebrities raving.
  3. ECOFINO | Known as Canada’s first cactus leather footwear brand. I’ve got my eye on their boots!
  4. Meraki | 𝕔 | Colourful and traditional kussas (Pakistani/Indian footwear) from my hometown brought to Canada. I could not, not love every intricate design and if your style is bohemian or whimsical, you’ll love them too.
  5. Thesus | Socially and environmentally progressive outdoor footwear for walking, hiking, camping and everything in between.
  6. Vessi | 𝕔 β™₯ | The first waterproof sneakers. I can prove it. And they’re super comfortable for exploring the city or going to the beach.

Bags & Footwear

  1. Brave Soles | They’re taking eco-fashion to the next level by re-purposing tires, that would otherwise end up in garbage dumps in the Dominican Republic, and turning them into chic sandals. Use code* Mariam20 for 20% off.
  2. L’interville | Get all the styles and colours that are available in fast-fashion stores but unmatched quality as shoes are Designed in Montreal and made in Spain, Italy and Brazil. I always get asked about my black stiletto boots from a couple of seasons ago.
  3. Maguire | A simplified selection of shoes and bags designed in Montreal and manufactured ethically around the world. Along with leather, this sister duo incorporates different hides for people looking to show off their personality. I personally love their sneakers.
  4. Poppy Barley | You can’t go wrong with their slingback Mary Janes – comfortable and practical. Also offering a beautiful selection of leather bags and travel accessories, all sustainably made.
  5. Timabee | 𝕓 | If you’re looking for luxurious leather shoes and bags that are blinged up, this is the place. The ASH in a flat or heeled style would be perfect for weddings.
  6. Zvelle | 𝕔 | Based on the Walk How You Want movement, this line of shoes and bags, crafted in Italy, hopes for women to break the societal confines that define them and create their own path.


  1. Bonlook | Designed in Montreal. Offering luxury eyewear for less than brand name. Stylish and trendy pieces you can virtually try online. Now offering a small made in Canada collection.
  2. Fellow Earthlings | β™₯ | Choose your shape, material and lens combination for truly one-of-kind sunglasses that show off your personality. Christopher and Sydney Seggie have brought back eyewear manufacturing to P.E.I. which was once a thriving industry for brands like Ray-Ban and Ralph Lauren!
  3. Kraywoods | 𝕔 | Sustainably crafted earwear using wood accents. Personally, I am a fan of their sunglasses – the shapes and quality are unmatched.


  1. Heirloom Hats | β™₯ | These hats will give the Royals a run for their money.
  2. Hello Darling | 𝕔 β™₯ | They’re not just hairbands, they’re a work of art. Think voluminous headpieces that are super cute!
  3. Honey Hijabs | 𝕔 β™₯ | Hand-decorated chiffon hijabs with jewels so you’re ready for your next festive event. I personally love the Fiya collection because the jeweled design frames my face best.
  4. KOKORO | 𝕔 β™₯ | Be extra cute in these twist-tie hairbands and scrunchies. There are so many colours and print options to choose from!
  5. Lala Hijabs | 𝕔 | An extensive range of tie-dye patterns and jersey hijabs. They offer the best underscarves and magnets! Use code* BAUBLESTORIES for 10% off!


  1. Locke & King | β™₯ | Hailing from Hamilton, this local brand knows the power of working with your hands to create timeless pieces.
  2. Maison Inland | A limited collection of watches but with many colour options, expertly designed in Canada.
  3. North Accent | 𝕔 | Modern minimalistic watches with Arabic numerals for women and men.
  4. Solios | One of the few solar-powered and certified B Corporation watch brands. Designed in Montreal


Hart + Stone
Michelle Ross
Indi City

Fine & Semi-Fine

  1. Besseha Jewellery | 𝕔 | Literally meaning “enjoy” these dainty 14k gold fill and sterling silver pieces are long-lasting and great for everyday wear.
  2. Biko | β™₯ | My favourite statement jewelry inspired by the designer’s travels, mainly to her hometown in Greece. Think chunky chains, big rings and bold earrings.
  3. Blu Boho | β™₯ | Whimsical fine jewelry you will love to layer for a free-spirited look.
  4. BREAD X CIRCUS | β™₯ | Looking for a vintage-style wedding ring? This is the place.
  5. Cadette Jewelry | 𝕔 β™₯ | Small batch modern jewelry that is expertly crafted by hand and made to treasure forever. Her Venus body necklace is my favourite.
  6. Caro Sanchez | 𝕔 β™₯ | Some of the best gold fill stacking rings at affordable prices.
  7. Chayle | β™₯ | Although her other lines are fairly high-end using diamonds and recycled gold. Her latest collection of porcelain pendants and dangly earrings are light, fresh and colourful.
  8. Coutukitsch | Beautiful, everyday gold-plated jewelry. I especially love their snake chains in varying weights – perfect for layering with an open-collar shirt.
  9. Hart + Stone | β™₯ | Handmade jewelry with minimalistic designs and geometric cuts for everyday wear in gold fill and fine gold.
  10. Jenny Bird | Calling all IT girls! Modern jewelry that you just can’t go wrong with. Look out for their sample sales to score massive savings.
  11. Khalia | 𝕔 β™₯ | A mama who is successfully running her small business and building an empowering community of womxn. Check out her monogram necklaces.
  12. Kind Karma | 𝕔 β™₯ | One of my favourite jewelry brands because they directly help at-risk youth. Each piece sold is money that is paid to the youth employees. Their necklaces are perfect for beach style.
  13. Leah Alexandra Jewelry | β™₯ | Inspired by travels around the world and the energies that are present in gemstones, is a collection of dainty gold plated and fine jewelry.
  14. Lisbeth Jewelry | β™₯ | A selection of necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets in 14k gold fill and sterling silver. The pieces are designed to be lived in, layered, stacked and to evolve with you.
  15. Lofttan | π•š β™₯ | Think luxurious lego. Create your own necklaces from parts that speak to you. Whether that’s bold beads or silver finish or multiple layers. You can even shorten and lengthen the pieces to give you multiple options of how you can switch up your look throughout the day.
  16. Maze Handmade | 𝕔 β™₯ | Probably the first designer I’d seen incorporating the shape of the female body in jewelry. Her statement leg earrings are based on real women which I find refreshing and super cool.
  17. Nadare Co. | Easy, everyday, effortless gold and silver pieces that are tarnish-free. Andrea has a great selection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.
  18. Omi Woods | 𝕓 β™₯ | Her collection celebrates African history with the use of symbols, coins, and figureheads in an attempt to keep their meanings alive for future generations. These pieces would pair well with vibrant outfits but also neutrals.
  19. So Pretty Cara Cotter | Cara’s jewelry is timeless, unique and layers with so much ease you’ll want to wear it day or night, with a t-shirt and jeans or for an elegant night out. Use code * BAUBLESTORIES for 10% off!

Bold & Colourful

  1. Ajisai Studio | 𝕔 β™₯ | Earrings and necklaces made from real hydrangeas protected in resin. A complex procedure that produces one-of-a-kind pieces.
  2. Atelier Gabrielle Desmarais | β™₯ | Definitely large pendants and earrings but they are ageless. Perfect for a classy older woman but also for fashionable younger women.
  3. BETON BRUT | β™₯ | With a background in industrial design, these concrete pieces are some of the most eye-catching in terms of the mix of colours and unique shapes. Their studs are great to give as a gift.
  4. Bijoux Pepine | I have a number of Perrine’s colourful pieces made from spices and sand in resin that are easy to pair with any outfit.
  5. Buno Design | 𝕓 β™₯ | Giving materials a new life whether it’s repairing your jewelry or creating something from recycled materials. Her braided chockers are my favourite.
  6. Catmamola | β™₯ | Porcelain beaded pendant necklaces available in any number of combinations to suit your colour palette. Made in Hamilton.
  7. Corey Moranis | β™₯ | Statement lucite pieces that seem solid but because light shines through they give a lightweight luminous look and are surprisingly easy to pair with bold or minimal outfits.
  8. Dconstruct | β™₯ | Crafting jewelry from eco-friendly resin in colourful organic shapes. Each piece contains a minimum of 40% of pre-consumer recycled material and they look amazing!
  9. Foxy Originals | β™₯ | A great alternative to big box stores if you follow trends but want to stay within a budget and support local. Hold out for their sample sales (twice a year) where prices start from $5!
  10. Indi City | π•š β™₯ | When I think of Indigenous jewelry it’s usually colourful and incorporates beads. This is also reminiscent of Angel and Alexandra’s style but they have gone a step further to create up to foot long earrings laser-cut from acrylic!
  11. Michelle Ross | β™₯ | This contemporary jewelry artist works with vintage findings made of glass and ceramics juxtaposed with semi-precious stones creating elaborate metal pieces that can actually be worn casually.
  12. OKO | β™₯ | Michelle uses her architectural knowledge and love for traveling to create quirky earrings from new and vintage materials.
  13. Tania Larsson | π•š β™₯ | Tania scours the globe for antique materials to incorporate in her beaded earrings. She has made these ancestral techniques and styles her own with the use of caribou and moose hide as the base of her beaded designs.
  14. The Spring Moon | 𝕔 β™₯ | Ornamentation has a whole new meaning when you see Farheen’s decorative collars and pendants. These are pieces that should be shown in glass cases at museums (in fact she also sells at The Gardiner Museum) because they seem too intricate to touch. She creates one-of-a-kind wearable art using a wire-wrapping technique with recycled metals and found objects.
  15. Vanessa Marie | β™₯ | While it seems every new designer is working with polymer clay, Vanessa is using wood and brass to create amazing dangles. I had a hard time choosing just one!
  16. Viv Jewelry | β™₯ | I can say I “discovered” Sarah on the streets of Queen West in Toronto. Since then she has turned her small jewelry business into a powerhouse brand. She can’t stop creating and people can’t stop buying her polymer clay earrings. Read about her business success here.
  17. Warren Steven Scott | π•š β™₯ | Acrylic jewelry is having a moment and I’m happy to see each designer has adopted their own sensibilities to this laser-cut craft. Warren uses symbols and shapes from numerous Indigenous tribes to create contemporary designs for fashion-forward people.


  1. Aiyana Jewelry | β™₯ | Brittney is the strongest person I know. Her journey of recovering from a terminal illness and finding intentional beaded jewelry is inspiring. Here is a quick read if you’re interested.
  2. Artifacts World | β™₯ | Eclectic jewelry with a mystic vibe of talismans and evil eyes. Sourcing materials from around the world.
  3. Enarmoured | 𝕓 β™₯ | Beautifully structured hammered brass earrings. Jordan Clarke, the designer, often shows the process of making each piece on her Instagram Lives.
  4. Frug Jewellery | β™₯ | Working with mostly vintage materials, this brass jewelry brand has boho charm.
  5. Hailey Gerrits | β™₯ | The only shop you need to check out for beautiful layering necklaces using brass as the base metal with unique stones.
  6. Maple + Love | + Accessories | β™₯ | Incorporating macrame into jewelry and accessories. Bring out your boho style with fringe earrings.
  7. Meyari Jewelry | 𝕔 β™₯ | A combination of macrame knots, brass and a whole lot of colour represents Selene’s Mexican heritage as well as her connection with moon symbols.
  8. This Ilk | β™₯ | Using lace to create feminine jewelry that is not at all grandma-esque. Here is more about her sustainably made pieces.

Makeup & Fragrances

Nagi Cosmetics

Full Face

  1. da lish cosmetics | β™₯ | Clean makeup that will give you the confidence to feel beautiful. I especially love Melanie’s multi-use lip and cheek balms. Her lipsticks are named after prominent women like her mother, Rosemary, and best friend, Nadine Parsons, who was an advocate for breast cancer awareness. Melanie also donated 100+ Hydra 7 treatments to nurses during COVID-19.
  2. Evio | + Skincare | β™₯ | On a mission to create a kind and conscious future. The most humble and transparent company I know. And all their quality products are under $30. My favourites are the Val lip gloss and the Velvet Colour Sticks. Use code* BAUBLESTORIES for 15% off.
  3. Loola Cosmetics | 𝕓 | Their two-in-one lip products are great for beauty lovers on-the-go. They offer 6 different shades of highlighters! Talk about inclusivity. Use code mariam.
  4. MFMG Cosmetics | 𝕓 β™₯ | Tired of apologizing for her skin tone, model and founder Tomi, launched the Makeup for Melanin Girls community to celebrate her favourite beauty vloggers. She’s expanded to a line of makeup products for darker skin tones seen in BuzzFeed and Glamour.
  5. Nagi Cosmetics | 𝕓 β™₯ | Promoting and celebrating all colours. This is your one-stop-shop for all face products in extensive colour ranges.
  6. Vasanti Cosmetics | + Skincare | 𝕔 β™₯ | Must have colour corrector for dark circles – V02. Read my interview with the founders of this inclusive beauty brand.

Lip Focused

  1. Boosh | β™₯ | Creator Sarah wanted mineral lipsticks without chemical food dyes. They didn’t exist, so she made her own line. All of their packaging is recyclable.
  2. Cheekbone Beauty Cosmetics Inc. | π•š β™₯ | Giving Indigenous youth a beauty brand they can see themselves represented in. Each Women Warrior Liquid Lipstick is named after strong Indigenous women in film, modeling, entrepreneurship, etc.
  3. Lip Service Beauty | + Fragrance | β™₯ | Former corporate hustler, Annette, removed all the negative ingredients in her life, diet and beauty routine to bring a clean makeup brand that she’s passionate about. Sourcing natural, local and high-quality ingredients to make you feel beautiful.
  4. Poro Cosmetics | 𝕓 | A dreamy range of plumping lip glosses and vibrant and velvety lip stains. Their nude shades are some of my favourites in the market.


  1. Monsillage | β™₯ | Beautiful non-gender award-winning perfumes. Each scent has a story that is unique to the creator, Isabelle. Personally, I often wear Dupont Circle for its mix of citrus, floral and woody scents.
  2. The 7 Virtues | I am a sucker for packaging and these perfume bottles have the most beautiful artwork on them. More than that they are clean and vegan perfumes with an action for peace. Founder, Barb Stegemann, sources flowers and essential oil crops from workers in Afghanistan so they will have legal work and be liberated from illegal practices.
  3. Zoologist Perfumes | 𝕔 β™₯ | A line of perfumes that capture the idiosyncrasies of the animal kingdom. This is that quirky gift you’ve been looking for.

Skincare & Wellness

Sitti Soap
Vo Beauty
Poetry of the Gods

Bath & Body

  1. Anto Yukon | β™₯ | I’d buy these soaps for the packaging alone. They each commemorate special places throughout Canada.
  2. Apprenti Organics | 𝕓 β™₯ |Taking organic ingredients from the earth to create luxurious and therapeutic body washes, lotions and soaps.
  3. Basd Body Care | β™₯ | Their coffee-based body scrubs are uplifting and rigorous to get the job done!
  4. BKIND | β™₯ | One place offering an extensive line of clean personal products. From skin to hair to teeth to nails. Their products come in 100% recyclable plastic bottles that you can even refill at their boutique. Each product on their website is categorized with identifying labels so you know whether it’s made in Canada, vegan, available in bulk, etc.
  5. Blazing Bombs | β™₯ | They’re huge selection of mini bath bombs make the best gifts. Scents I would suggest: Love Spell, Ruby Red and Cereal Killer.
  6. Boreal Folk | β™₯ | Raph and Marc source, make and package each item from their traveling 1967 bus and 99 sq ft mobile studio. Follow their Instagram for stories from the wild and if you’re up to trying anything, I’d go for their lip balms or the Nettle + Mint body/hair soap.
  7. Dado Cosmetics | 𝕓 | Their oils, deodorants, lip balms, soaps and other products are intended for all skin types. Not only are they certified natural, organic and effective, they source fair trade ingredients from Africa and have a fair trade policy in place.
  8. Mother Earth Essentials | π•š β™₯ |The bath and beauty products are based upon traditional Indigenous teachings, plants found in the homeland and a philosophy steeped in respect for the environment.
  9. Rocky Mountain Soap Company | β™₯ | A range of 100% natural and simple skincare products for the whole family. The Breakout Buster is my favourite zit balm.
  10. Sea Luxe | β™₯ | Having visited their booth a few times at markets I always feel I’m transported to the beach. Check out their one-time use soaps shaped like pieces of sea glass – perfect for a guest bathroom.
  11. Sequoia | π•š β™₯ | A fully Indigenous-owned company that prides itself on only using resources from their land. Specializing in soaps among other skincare products.
  12. SIMKA | 𝕓 β™₯ | Face, body and hair products primarily for dry and sensitive skin, rich in raw shea butter, cocao butter and mango butter with an emphasis on freshness.
  13. Sitti Soap | 𝕔 | Want to help refugees restart their lives and get beautiful soaps in return. This social enterprise bringing fair wages and employment to refugee women in Gaza through the making of olive oil soap.
  14. The Yukon Soaps Company | π•š β™₯ | I haven’t been to the Yukon but I’m told it smells just like the Yukon Wild Rose soap. Joelle has traveled the world but her hometown of Mayo and all that it offers in wellness is where her heart lies.
  15. Two Sisters Naturals | β™₯ | Small batch natural solutions for your body and home. They offer gift sets for bath lovers or those just starting out on their clean skincare journey.
  16. Voir Haircare | β™₯ | Restore your scalp and indulge in the Rhythm of the Rain hair mask. Much kinder than its weather counterpart it leaves my hair full of volume while still being silky smooth.

Face Focused

  1. ARTIFACT | 𝕔 | My introduction to konjac sponges and now I can’t live without one. It removes texture from my nose by gentle exfoliation and I don’t even need a cleanser to fully activate it.
  2. Consonant Skincare | β™₯ | Looking for The Perfect Sunscreen (yes, that’s its name) – It’s 100% natural, non-greasy and leaves no pesky white film.
  3. Essentials by Temi | 𝕓 β™₯ | A combination of skincare and philanthropic initiatives. Temi donates a portion of her sales every quarter to Ajike Shea Centre (a social enterprise empowering rural women). Her elixir oils are magical for hydration and glow. They include no preservatives and very little water so you get bang for your buck.
  4. Harlow Skin Co. | β™₯ | Beautiful products for self-love. I particularly enjoy lathering their natural Fruits of the Earth Rest Mask, it leaves my skin plump and reduces redness thanks to the green tea in it.
  5. Indeed Labs | High potency products that target skin concerns without the fluff. I would recommend the nanoblur colour corrector for redness – it’s effective, paraben sulfate and fragrance-free and priced wisely.
  6. Newt by Elle | 𝕓 β™₯ | A limited range of facial oils and body oil but they are full of nutritional ingredients leaving your skin glowing. They also work beautifully under sunscreen and makeup.
  7. Niawen Skincare | π•š β™₯ | Founder, Tara-Tekahentakhwa, couldn’t see her Mohawk culture represented in skincare products. Her line fuses nature and science with the sacred power of spiritual healing.
  8. Nu Beauty | β™₯ | Offering a serum that contains 20x more vitamin C than an orange! But still, eat your fruits and veg.
  9. Okoko Cosmetiques | 𝕓 β™₯ | Clean luxury skincare that is designed for a healthy youthful complexion, focusing on moisture, nutrition, protection, renewal and radiance. My favourite product is the Sublime Balm – a multi-purpose moisturizer or as a cleaner when mixed with water.
  10. Poetry of the Gods | + Candles | π•š β™₯ | I can testify that these luxe skincare products actually work at enhancing your skin in the first few uses. Melissa also makes the most divine-smelling candles. I can’t get enough!
  11. Satya | π•š β™₯ | Organic skincare that is specially made for eczema but is also great for chafing, burns, insect bites and other forms of dry itchy skin.
  12. Skin Drama | 𝕓 β™₯ | Love the skin you’re in with products specifically targeting hyperpigmentation and acne.
  13. SkwΓ‘lwen Botanicals | π•š β™₯ | Each skwΓ‘lwen facial care product is harvested from plants found on the Squamish land and created using cultural teachings. The harvesting process is ethical and sustainable.
  14. Three Ships Beauty | 𝕔 β™₯ | Affordable natural skincare for people who like a simple routine. Check out their crowd-pleasing Purify gel cleanser and pina colada sugar lip polish. Use code* MARIAM for 15% off.
  15. Tuesday in Love | 𝕔 β™₯ | 5-free water-permeable nail polish and halal skincare. If you’re looking for the perfect nude nail polish, I would suggest Truffle.
  16. Velvette | 𝕔 β™₯ | Creating oils that even your oily skin will love because they’re not greasy. I was never one for facial oils but I’ve been converted.
  17. Wildcraft | π•š β™₯ | Natural, minimal, accessible skincare for all. Shop by skin type!


  1. Amal’s Apothecary | 𝕔 β™₯ | Subtle aromatherapy oils, naturally derived, to help you sleep, take care of your hair, and alleviate cramps – I personally love this one!
  2. Cardea Auset | β™₯ | Sprays and oils to help you pause amidst the daily chaos. I’ve found the Calm mist in lavender to help me sleep.
  3. Incense Republic | 𝕓 β™₯ | Post cooking I love burning the Freedom incense to rid the smell of food but also to calm my mind.
  4. Lohn | β™₯ | With an education in chemical engineering and years of experience in the beauty industry, Katrina and Victoria are creating candle scents that are designed to evoke a time, a place and a journey.
  5. Luxcey | 𝕓 β™₯ | Incorporating massage rituals and pure ingredients from her ancestral home in Cameroon, Rose has created a line of lux beauty products for the face and body. Check out the Ritual Bar for the ultimate relaxation massage or the natural acid exfoliants for an at-home facial.
  6. Seventh & Oak | 𝕓 β™₯ | The right scent can transform your mind and space. Asana carries notes of Lavender, Cinnamon, Jasmine and Patchouli perfect for the after-work reset.
  7. Sister’s Sage | π•š β™₯ | A young pair of Indigenous entrepreneurs creating a unique skincare line that puts a modern spin on their cultural teachings. Their Smokeless Smudge Spray allows you to safely smudge in the comfort of your home, office or car without burning anything.
  8. Spirit Earth Holistics Inc. | π•š β™₯ | An extensive range of handcrafted wellness products derived from Mother Earth created by a team of herbalists, holistic practitioners and healers.
  9. Vo Beauty | 𝕔 β™₯ | This homegrown brand believes in multi-masking because each part of the face is different – I couldn’t agree more. My T-zone requires more exfoliation, whereas my cheeks have larger pores. They’ve got masks to target different areas. If you’re a no-fuss person, opt for the Sleeping Mask for hydration all over. Diane also offers therapeutic facials that I’ve heard are dreamy.

Retail Stores

The Wanderly
Good Neighbourhood

Apparel & Jewelry

  1. Aaniin | + Accessories | π•š β™₯ | Aaniin means hello in anishnaabemowin and they’ve created a market for Indigenous apparel and accessories in Tkaronto. They also partner on designs with Indigenous artists.
  2. Common Sort | + Accessories | Looking for trendy, thrifted pieces then look no further than at one of their 3 locations.
  3. Grit and Grace | A post-pandemic opening which a mission to empower women to embrace their individuality and find their confidence and live a life of big adventures and courageous choices. They’ve got stores in Guelph, Sauble Beach and soon Toronto!
  4. Harmony | + Jewelry | β™₯ | Got one of my favourite tshirts from here and it was digitally printed in front of me!
  5. La Osa | Coined the best curated 70’s and 80’s vintage store in Stratford, Ontario. Find out for yourself here.
  6. Lovers Land | + Accessories + Home | A curated shop selling the best of the best finds in fashion and jewelry. Expect to find some unique candles and rugs too. They’ve also got a bridal studio in the back!
  7. Luna Collective | Sourcing from small businesses across Canada, Eryn, showcases vintage and handmade goods for her shop in Victoria, BC.
  8. Naif | β™₯ | If you love shopping for neutral clothing that’s well made – this is the store for you. Available online and at their storefront in Montreal.
  9. Suetables | The personalized dainty jewelry shop with 3 locations in Toronto and Montreal.
  10. The Wanderly | A curated collection of well-crafted local and international products for bohemians trying to be minimalistic.
  11. Victoire Boutique | β™₯ | This Ottawa-based store stocks some of my favourite Canadian designers all under one roof! They frequently do pop-ups in Toronto too.
  12. YARD + PARISH | 𝕓 | Online store offering the best in black-owned businesses ranging from accessories, beauty, menswear, home and lingerie.
  13. ZANE | The place in Toronto to shop Canadian jewelry and accessories. They also have a great pop-up space in the back.


  1. 6 x 8 Market | The gift store where you’re bound to find something for everyone. Shop from 80+ local artists, makers, and budding entrepreneurs in the heart of Kensington Market!
  2. Drake General Store | That proudly Canadian hotel gift shop that’s not in a hotel. Get all your Canadian memorabilia here for visitors or even yourself.
  3. Good Neighbour | 𝕔 β™₯ | That friendly neighbourhood store that’s actually in a house offering the coolest fashion, accessories and paper products. Check it out here. A second store has also opened in Roncy neighbourhood and it’s just as cool!
  4. Medjool Studio | 𝕔 β™₯ | Looking for some watercolour prints for yourself or to gift? Kelsea, the maker of travel-inspired prints offers everything from beautiful cityscapes to food to greenery. Decorate your space with all the places you’ve visited or hope to visit.
  5. Scout | An independent gift shop with a focus on handmade, Canadian and independent makers. Here’s a peek at the goods.
  6. SnaptureThis | 𝕔 β™₯ | Calling all coffee lovers! You will love all the coffee-related paper goods and gifts Monica and Dunya stock at their store in the heart of downtown Toronto. They frequently collaborate with local artists and illustrators on one-of-a-kind prints. The store also stocks goodies from other small businesses.
  7. The Truth Beauty Company | Offering natural and organic skincare, hair care and beauty brands from their online store and brick and motor in Waterloo, Ontario.
  8. Uppdoo Boutique | 𝕔 β™₯ | Stocking their own beautiful leather bags but also a great place to find small gifts – plants, cards, jewelry and candles. Located near Ossington Station, Toronto.


  1. Blooming Flower Bar | 𝕓 | Flower shop offering DIY and custom bouquets plus plants and pots.
  2. GOODEE | 𝕓 | From home decor to personal care this a curated marketplace of good design and good practices. Each brand partner reports transparency in their materials, labour and ecological footprint so you can feel good about the products.
  3. Mezari | β™₯ | Stephanie is a textile artist and hand prints her designs which are showcased in her store through wallpapers, throw pillows, tea towels and other home products. She also offers workshops.
  4. The Green Jar | 𝕓 |  Making the road to eco-living easier with a refillery stocked with household and personal care products that are plastic-free. Come fill up your jar with as much or as little as you need.
  5. V de V | If you’re re-decorating you need to visit this vintage + industrial style store for inspiration or to purchase home decor in Toronto and Montreal.

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