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Innovative Designers At The Inland Show

Laparelle leather clutch bag in yellow mustard at Inland 2017

Every time I walk into this building I’m amazed by the architectural design and natural light that flows through. It’s the perfect place to hold a fashion design exhibition supporting designers who are made in Canada. Welcome to the fall Inland show.

Inland Toronto Canadian fashion designers display

I’m a fan of anything shiny, which is why Chayle’s pieces caught my eye. What originally looked like jewellery made from foil was actually silver and gold hammered earrings and necklaces. Each piece is carefully designed and constructed in Ottawa by Chayle and her team. She has a strong commitment to ethically source her materials. The silver and gold are refined from recycled sources, all the gemstones are acquired through fair trade practices and she only uses Canadian diamonds.

Chayle Infinity studs silver gold earrings made in Canada at Inland 2017

When asked about the unique shape of the Infinity studs and how the two earrings do not match. She mentioned that they are in fact mirror reflections of each other. Which I would imagine is quite difficult to create since each piece is handmade and individually hammered.

Chayle Infinity bangles and Flow earrings rose gold made in Canada at Inland 2017

The shape of the Infinity bangles is according to the shape of our wrists. How the bones in our wrists are shaped is taken into account when creating the shape of the bangles. The wrist and the bangle should flow in tune so the piece is easy to wear and blends seamlessly into the overall look.

Inland is a great platform to see a variety of jewellery designs, as you can also gather from my previous review. There were numerous designers showcasing very simple jewellery with clean lines but at the same venue, they also had designers bringing rustic and vintage jewellery to the forefront. Artifacts, as the name suggests is a cultivation of traditional materials combined and formed to create wearable earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Artifacts boho necklaces on display at Inland 2017

I love minimal pieces if the outfit calls for it but I also really like colourful and textured jewellery. I don’t believe we should be bogged down with only one style but play around and have fun. We’re diving into fall weather which means lots of layering and the chance to play with warm toned clothing. That being said, Alora’s brand allows you to layer up on arm candy to pull off the boho chic style.

I talked about multi-purpose jewellery in my Etsy show review and now the same can be seen in shoes and purses. Tanya Heath and a team made up of 14 engineers, shoe technicians, designers and boot makers have created the world’s first adjustable height shoe with interchangeable heels. What is that? In case you wished you had one shoe for the office and after work, you can switch a stiletto into a block heel. I have the video to prove it!

Towards the back of the hall, I found Kelly wearing a black pantsuit and what could’ve been a bag. Actually, it was a bag just that the seams were not done up. Her brand, Laparelle, sells quality leather purses combining style and purpose to create something super unique.

Laparelle leather clutch bag in red at Inland 2017
As you can see the right side seam is undone to show the bag is reversible.

All the purses are reversible to offer the customer twice the amount of usability. Kate Spade offers something similar where you can buy flaps to give your bag a different look. Laparelle offers this all in one bag!

I hope you enjoyed reading about the Inland show as well as being introduced to a few amazing Canadian designers. What exhibitions have you visited this year?


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  • Meg -
    October 5, 2017 at 10:47 PM

    Wow, all of the jewelry looks so unique. I love the idea of a reversible bag!

    • Mariam
      October 7, 2017 at 2:42 AM

      Yes, that’s what makes these shows so much fun – discovering inventive products.

  • Amber @ xoxo, Am
    October 6, 2017 at 5:17 AM

    I love those necklaces! A reversible bag sounds so cool!

    • Mariam
      October 7, 2017 at 2:42 AM

      2 in 1 – can’t go wrong with that.


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