Cozy fall accessories including scarves and minimal everday jewelry

Must-have Fall Accessories if you’re on a Budget-ish

There’s no denying fall is officially here and with that comes fall accessories. Even towards the end of summer, Twitter is buzzing with fall trends and people are ecstatic to start wearing snuggly sweaters and drinking hot chocolate. I am no exception but soft scarves and trendy booties are more of my jam.

Blanket scarf and velvet boots are essential fall accessories

First up are essential boots. We need to cover those feet up and keep them warm but still pretty looking. I picked up these on-trend velvet ankle boots from Call it Spring. I would never have reached for a purple shoe but wanted something that would pop and still be a neutral (if you know what I mean). The small block heel doesn’t compromise on comfort either. Velvet is a fabric that comes and goes every winter season so I’m likely to carry these purple ones into the colder months as well as next year. If you like the simple style with the added gold detailing on the heel, they do come in black.

Velvet boots are must-have fall accessories and trendy too!
Get these on-trend velvet boots for $80

Other fall boot trends include over-the-knee ones which I think look best with a skirt or dress showing a bit of leg. The sock boot of the 80s is going strong but I found my foot size not matching with the ankle width and the sock portion falling down (#fail). Anyone else feels my pain?

Pink purple blanket scarf makes for essential fall accessories
This plush scarf is $30 from H&M

Must-have fall accessories also include scarves. For me, a blanket scarf works best. I can incorporate it with my headscarf style and still be warm. There are numerous ways to style it too. Here’s my colour-blocked scarf from H&M with a basic colour palette of pinks, although a plaid print or solid colour would work well too.  I love this one for all the beautiful tones when it’s knotted around the neck or thrown over the shoulder.

Some other cozy accessories are beanies or wide brim hats. Personally, I don’t like pairing those with a headscarf. Not to say you can’t because I’ve seen many people owning that look.

Fall accessories include a belt over sweaters to cinch in waist
Wide leather belt only $17 from Winners

Lastly, a thick belt is necessary. I feel with fall layering, you can end up looking frumpy, especially since this season is all about oversized clothing. I’m seeing people wearing larger and bulkier sweaters with wide leg pants. It’s important to define the waistline so you don’t get lost in your clothes. This basic one will work well with other sweater colours as well.

Comfortable fall style in neutral colors

This look is super easy going yet stylish. The winter weather, especially in Canada, can get quite depressing which can put a damper on your spirits so if you look good on the outside hopefully you feel better on the inside too. Have a great week Baubleheads!


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