Top Spring 2018 Fashion Trends

tiny sunglasses spring 2018 fashion trends

This weekend was blissful. The weather was amazing considering it’s the end of January. But come today, we have major snow! It’s incredibly dark outside and it’s only 3 pm. So if you’re like me and reside in a city/country where snow and rain are inevitable, cheer up. Spring trends are hitting stores 🙂 I can’t wait to bring out brighter hues and of course some ultraviolet (which I’ll transition more into lavender). Taking inspiration from my favourite fierce females, I’ve rounded up some of the most popular spring 2018 fashion trends. But don’t be discouraged if you’re reading this well past 2018 because trends tend to come back in style.

Baker Boy Hat

The baker boy hat was first seen on Bella Hadid and since then has been spotted on a number of fashion bloggers. Back in high school, I owned a powder blue baker boy hat from Le Chateau. I tried to incorporate it into my style but maybe because it was too big – it never looked good. However, give it a try before you reject it. Pair the hat with a white tee and jeans for an instant upgrade to a basic look. Go for a black faux leather or felt one for this winter-ish weather. If you grow to like this 2018 trend, get a brightly coloured or printed one when the weather is more spring-like.

Baker Boy Hat spring 2018 trends blake lively

Tiny Sunglasses

Yup, Matrix-inspired sunglasses are definitely becoming a thing. Winter sun glare is also a thing but I doubt these will actually cover anyone’s eyes, especially mine. My face is on the smaller side but I prefer medium sized sunnies, so I’m passing on this 2018 trend. What do you think, yay or nay?

tiny sunglasses spring 2018 fashion trends
Jourdan Dunn, PC: Style Bistro

The Brooch

This is the unexpected accessory that you need. It adds a touch of charm to your outfit, much like motifs on a sweater but you don’t have to commit to this particular embellishment. Brooches are also a great way to show off your personality. Having recently heard about The Pin Project, I’m waiting for my ideal brooch to arrive in April. However, that won’t stop me from picking one up in the shops or DIYing it.

Brooch spring 2018 fashion trends
PC: Olivia Johnson

Fanny Pack / Belt Bag

I’m undecided on the 80s fanny pack trend. Some people can pull it off while I think my inner grandma will just come out. Maybe because I still have the mental picture of it being used to hold up your boobs. But I’m sure if you scroll down, and think about it being worn more as a belt with the pack off to the side, it can instantly look more luxe.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, PC:

Sheer Socks 

In no way is this 2018 trend practical, but it looks cool. I love funky socks and showing them off. We saw a lot of fishnet stocking/socks paired with boots last year but to update the look get yourself a pair of sheer socks. They come in a variety of styles with embellishments and prints so there’s really something for everyone. Get some ideas from my Pinterest board on this sock trend.

Sheer socks with converse 2018 trends
PC: Karen Yeung

Some of the trends from the 80s and the 90s are definitely making a comeback this year. Which ones will you be styling?

Featured photo courtesy of Joshua Pestka.

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