Stylish Wood Watches: Jord Makes Timepieces Cool Again

Flatlay of Jord Cassia Wood Watch

I know what you’re thinking – who even wears a watch nowadays when everyone has a phone? Call me old fashioned but I love watches because I don’t have to rely on my forever-dying phone battery. And they look so cool! Especially the ones designed by Jord. Sneaky giveaway coming up, so keep on reading.


I love Jord wood watches. In fact, this is my second wood watch (third in the household). Watch my Frankie and Hyde first impressions and unboxing. When Jord contacted me to collaborate, it was a no brainer.

When purchasing an accessory – be it a necklace or a purse or in this case a watch. You decide if it matches your style. Only then will you truly love it. Wood watches may not be the ones for you. But I’d mull it over before completely ruling them out.


It’s important to find a wood watch that fits your style. For me, the Cassia is gorgeous. My style is whimsical with a touch of bohemian. I like to mix colours and patterns with an emphasis on natural fabrics and earth tones. That sums up the Cassia walnut and vintage rose watch perfectly.  

The Cassia is the perfect mix of wood and metal. Walnut wood ranges from a pale brown to a chocolate brown which pairs so well with the rose gold finish of the metal. The soft pink watch face is the most striking element, especially the concave shape which illuminates the dial to light up the roman numerals.


Tips To Pair Your Watch With Your Outfit

  • Match the style of the watch with the style of your outfit. If your outfit is business casual (jeans and a blazer), opt for a minimalistic watch. The Cassia in zebrawood and ivory is an option.
  • Match the colour of your shoes to your watch. Cassia in ebony and sable with black boots or black sneakers would be a killer look.
  • Match the colour of your outfit with the watch. I love the pink/mauve/brown tones in this tunic which are bang on with the colour of the wood watch dial. I also think the watch matches the bohemian style of this outfit too. Win-win!
Girl laying down Jord wood watches


Now that I’ve convinced you wood watches are cool and in fact, more than just a timepiece let’s get to the good stuff. Enter the giveaway to win $100 off your own Jord watch! Click this link. Plus, every one of you gets 10% off just for entering. Pretty sweet!


Dress | Mango (belt included)

Pants | TWIK straight leg

Sandals | Nishat Linen wedges

Scarf | Nourka Latte jersey

Watch | Cassia Walnut and Vintage Rose (gifted)

Sunglasses | Red Carpet (gifted)

Rings | Mixture of Canadian brands 14k gold plated and gold fill

If you like watches, pin this for later.

Jord Wood Watches Cassia flatlay with pink roses and wooden box in beach sand.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Jord. All opinions are my own.

Photography: Emily Wong    


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